Credit Counselling for a debt free life

The number of individuals under the burden of unpaid debts are increasing. The economy is falling due to which the rates of items has rapidly increased over the past few years. It has become hard for the people to maintain their lifestyle and that is why they get caught up in the debts.

Once they start to struggle with the repayments it seems like they will never be able to completely pay off the entire amount. Such individuals should apply for Credit Counselling as soon as possible if they need some expert advice.

Credit Assessment

Credit Counselling procedure begins when the expert will take a look at your financial situation. They will study your credit score, bank statements and the receipts of debt repayment. It will give them the perfect idea about why you are suffering from such issues. In the assessment, they will study the following terms

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Expenses
  • Debts

Debt Solutions

Once your financial situation has been assessed by the experts they will start working on the perfect solution. Consider every aspect of your life they will assure to cut all the unnecessary expenses for a short while. They will advise you to apply for debt consolidation, debt settlement or bankruptcy according to the situation of your debt and the amount of money you have to repay. You will get the perfect solution that will help you to repay the entire amount within 2 to 5 years.

Money management

Make sure that you do not hide anything from the consultant because only then they will give you the best advice.

Once the debt issues have been managed, the experts will help you to manage your income. They will formulate a perfect plan for you that will help you to manage your expenses, pay installments and save some extra money for the future.

Professionals will assure that once you have paid the debts you are not left broke that might attract you to apply for the loan once again. With the passage of time, your life will get back on track.

Enjoy a debt free life

The mission of Credit Counselling is to assure that every client will enjoy the debt-free life. With the help of expert counseling, you will be able to manage your income even after the debt has been paid. You will be free forever. Now you can use the money you have saved to make all your dreams come true. You will be able to encourage yourself in the tough times. It will be easier for you to manage the financial issues without getting into debt.

Slavica D
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“My experience with CC was exceptional…from the first call I was given clear instructions and was put at ease about the whole process. Loss of my previous job had created more stress for me than I anticipated and with the help of CC team I was able to regain the positive outlook again. Thank you Mahmood and team!”
Agnes S
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“Credence credit really helped me in my consumer proposal and would recommend this to anyone. My advisor Mahmood has been extraordinaire in dealing with my situation with outmost respect and dignity. Thank you again Credence Credit”
Sameen A
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“Credence Credit is a firm that truly values its clients. Consultations will let you see the gaps in your planning and proposed solutions are practical and easy to apply. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for some financial wisdom to improve their financial profile.”
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“I wish I went to Credence long time ago. I was so stressed with the threatening calls. Thanks to Mahmood, my financials are in order now. He was professional and understanding explained all my questions I had. I couldn’t be happier.”


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